Gareth Muir

Rothwell Heights

Woody continues preventative tree felling works on Ash trees with dieback this season. Work has been underway at Rothwell Heights Forest School, felling problem Ash to ensure the safety of the site users. Timber was extracted and delivered to customers for seasoning and brash arisings were used to top up the dead hedging surrounding the… Read more »

Peel Park – Ash Plantation

Woody spent six weeks selectively felling Ash with Ash Dieback on Peel Park, Accrington from January to mid February. The team felled over 50 ash trees identified by Hyndburn Borough Council as posing a risk to site users along the main footpaths surrounding the Ash plantation to the south of The Coppice. Footpaths were cut… Read more »

Woodnook Vale Greenway

Woody has been busy undertaking tree felling works on behalf of Hyndburn Borough Council.Woodnook Vale along the cycleway, Ash has been selectively felled to reduce the risk from Ash Dieback. Timber was extracted for sale to customers green for future seasoning. Resultant brash has been made into Habitat Piles to provide habitat for invertebrates, mammals… Read more »

Tree Planting Winter 2022

Woody was busy in winter 2022 planting trees across the borough. Maintenance works were carried out over the summer months with watering, weeding and fixing tree guards/stakes. The tree planting sites are located at: