Peel Park – Ash Plantation

Woody spent six weeks selectively felling Ash with Ash Dieback on Peel Park, Accrington from January to mid February.

The team felled over 50 ash trees identified by Hyndburn Borough Council as posing a risk to site users along the main footpaths surrounding the Ash plantation to the south of The Coppice.

Footpaths were cut back to the original boundary as encroachment from Dogwood and Blackthorn had narrowed the paths, making it difficult to traverse.

The Ash felled will be used to create dead hedging and as habitat piles to increase the amount of dead wood on site, which will benefit invertebrate, birds, mammals and fungi by creating habitat and storing carbon. Notices are on site asking the public not to take the wood and explaining the purpose of the wood and timber being left on site.

Woody continues it’s work across the borough undertaking a variety of forestry and woodland management tasks.