Thinning of Larch and Broadleaf, planting, installing bird & bat boxes, benches, waymarkers and installing path edging

We have carried out a number of paid contracts on behalf of Hyndburn Borough Council as part of their improvements on the Coppice, which is the dominant hill overlooking Accrington.  This has included thinning 6 hectares of Larch and Broadleaf compartments, planting 6,000 trees, installing bird and bat boxes, benches and waymarkers and installing path edging.  A major element of this contract has been the use of Larch felled on site to make products used on the site such as bird boxes, waymarkers and path edging.  We did this using our portable Logosol Chainsaw Mill.  We purchased this back in June 2013 and it has been crucial in allowing us to make products from felled timber.  We’re very proud of this fact.