What We Do

Our Primary goal at Woody is to improve the ecological balance of woodlands in Hyndburn so that they can continued to be enjoyed and accessed by our local community;

We believe that financial independence is an important step in achieving our objectives and our objective is to be financially sustainable by securing contracts to manage woodlands in Hyndburn and also draw in additional income by making products from woodland management arisings. 

We hope to continue to provide a woodland management service, create coppice products that can enhance the local woodlands and engage with the community through volunteering opportunities and education to establish a long standing contribution to the Hyndburn community.

Woodland Management

Invasive Species Removal

Himalayan balsam is a a non-native invasive plant growing to  a height of up to 2.5m in a single season between the months of July and October.  It can project its seeds up to four metres and many seeds drop into the water and contaminate land and riverbanks downstream.  Himalayan balsam spreads quickly and forms dense… Read more »


Dead Hedging

We have created dead hedges at Jackhouse Nature Reserve in Oswaldtwistle to allow an adjoining area to regenerate.


Habitat Enhancement

Timber Processing Coppice Products

Chainsaw Milling Timber Planks

At Woody we have a Logasol Portable Chainsaw Mill and an Alaskan Chainsaw Bar Mounted  Mill.  Although it can be relatively slow, chainsaw milling enables us to process timber into planks on site and we can do so much more with the timber we fell.


Hedging Stakes

We produce hedging steaks from the hazel coppiced at Clayton Forest Park to supply materials for our dead hedging projects


Bat Boxes

Made from Larch, felled and milled in Hollins wood in Baxenden. These boxes are for use by the Prospects Foundation through their Rewilding programme. Clients from the Alternative Futures group will make the kits into boxes and install them on a site in Hyndburn.


Hedgehog Homes

A Woody hedgehog home ready for Intack Primary School’s wildlife garden next week. Made from Accrington grown Larch!


Firewood and Charcoal

We process large amounts of firewood from our woodland thinning activities.  The timber is available to buy.  We can provide a trailer or half trailer load of logs to stove length or in full length.  In 2012 we did a charcoal burn.  Bags of Hyndburn charcoal made by Woody is currently on sale in the One Planet shop…. Read more »


Installing Coppice Products

Training and Volunteer Involvement

Training and Volunteer involvement

We provide training for volunteers to enable Woody’s work. Volunteers benefit from long term involvement as they learn about the woodland management process throughout the year.